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EntoNative GmbH - Natural pet food with insects

Französische Bulldogge erhält Hundesnack
Französische Bulldogge erhält Hundesnack
(c) EntoNative GmbH

Under the TeneTrio brand, the three founders of EntoNative have developed insect-based dog snacks. Insect-based food has a number of advantages over traditional industrially produced food. The dog snacks made from mealworms are easily digestible, allergy-free (or rarely subject to allergic reactions), contain little or no sugar and no additives or preservatives.

The breeding of the mealworms takes place in Potsdam-Rehbrücke. Compared to conventional animal food, the production of insects consumes significantly less water, feed and space and releases fewer greenhouse gases. Insect-based animal food can therefore contribute to achieving climate targets. The funding will partially automate production and support the company's distribution via specialist and retail stores and its own online shop.

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